Skinny Love – show video

Skinny Love – Pamelot Dance performance from Matthew Peak on Vimeo.

Skinny Love: Dance performance recital of Pamelot Dance's "This Is Home" 2012 annual show in Auburn CA.

Choreographed by Marie Clark
Music: Skinny Love by Justin Vernon performed (recorded) by Birdy (all rights Vernon and Birdy)
Dancers: Hayley Albrecht, Lindsey Beal, Caitlyn Camacho, Sarah Cardelli, Jessica Fisk, Heather Hausler, Sydney Hershey, Olivia Hill, Jessie James, Nicole Lunsford, Emily Martin, Mandy Matthews, Anna Moga, Julie Paige, Lily Palmer, Molly Yurdan

Filmed and edited by Matthew Peak with additional camera by Gary Bennet.

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