EnVision Ballet Company

EnVision Ballet Company

Directed by Dorothy Curtis and Cheyenne Green


2017-2018 Season members

Rebekah Graupensperger
A junior in high school, Rebekah has been dancing on and off for eight years, studying ballet and jazz. This is her first year as an EnVision company member. She likes the opportunity for self – expression that dance allows and her favorite style of dance is ballet. When she’s not dancing she also invests time playing trumpet for the Placer High band. After high school, she has interest in becoming a Neonatal Nurse!
Fun Fact: She has a goldfish that is 11 years old!





Ella Oddo
Ella has been dancing with Pamelot for around 8 years, studying all varieties of dance. This is her second year in EnVision and her favorite style of dance is ballet! She loves being able to perform and express herself in class or on stage. Ella is a 5th grader and in addition to her love of dance she also enjoys poetry. When she grows up, she sees herself working at Disneyland as a parade dancer!
Fun Fact: Ella has a precious kitten!





Monica Trejo
This is Monica’s first year dancing with Pamelot and her first year as an EnVision company member. She loves being able to immerse herself in her dancing and express herself through the artform. Her favorite style is ballet. Monica is currently a junior in high school and in her free time she likes hanging out by the river with friends.
Fun Fact: After high school, Monica has plans to join the Airforce or Navy.





Sydney Croddy
Sydney has been studying ballet, jazz, and tap for eight years and this is her second year at Pamelot and her first year as an EnVision company member. Sydney enjoys the fun of dancing and loves to perform! She has many hobbies outside of dance including cooking, painting, and sculpting. She is currently in 6th grade, and when she gets older she is interested in becoming either a marine biologist or dancer.
Fun Fact: Sydney is an accomplished English equestrian!





Molly Wines
Molly is a sophomore in high school and she has been dancing for 5 years at Pamelot, studying jazz pop, ballet modern, and pointe. A second-year company member, Molly’s favorite style of dance is ballet and she loves the technique and precision that dancing requires. Her hobbies outside of dance include art and reading and after high school she is interested in nursing.
Fun fact: She loves traveling!












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