Light of The Dancing Flame – class vid 3-29-2012

Thursday’s Jazz class with Debbi Sampson. Very slinky,wild and theatrical routine shot in a single take.
“7 Deadly Sins” is the title to the dance, and is a Pamelot original Rhythm n Motion / Musical Theater competition and show piece.
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Choreography: Cheyenne Elisio and Jessica Page
*note: Debbi Sampson is credited in the video end credits, that will be corrected sometime soon (matthew)
Dancers: Lara Albrecht, Hayley Albrecht, Lindsey Beal, Nicola Lorang, Nicole Lunsford, Emily Martin, Mandy Matthews, Molly Yurdana
Video: Matthew Peak
Music: Light of The Dancing Flame, by Roisin Murphy

Some frame stills

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