The Project Hip Hop Company

The Project

Under the direction of Caitlyn Camacho

The Project is celebrating its fifth year. Our company members perform throughout the community as well as the Pamelot annual June performance. The Hip Hop Company also participates in local Hip Hop competitions and has recently competed regionally. They have received high awards and recognition.



Michaela Potts

Michaela has been dancing in Hip Hop for 11 years. She began studying at Pamelot at the end of 2015-2016 season. Michaela is now enjoying her second year as a member of The Project Hip Hop Company. Although Hip Hop has been her main focus, she also has trained in Ballet for 6 years, Contemporary for 4 years, Jazz and Modern. She currently works 2 jobs while attending 7 dance classes a week.







Maya Corpening

Maya has been dancing at Pamelot since 2015 beginning her dance journey in Hip Hop. From there, she joined the Hip Hop Company under the teachings of Heather Henderson. In addition to Hip Hop Maya enjoys Contemporary, Modern and Musical Theater. She is now 17 years old and entering her Senior year of high shcool. Maya hopes to continue dancing with Pamelot. The plans to take her love of dance into her profession in acting, as her heart has always been with performing. Fun Fact: Maya’s favorite way to relax is finger painting.






Riley Jonas

Riley Jonas has been dancing at Pamelot for 8 years. She is 14 years old and joined the Hip Hop Compnay in 2015. Riley has enjoyed studying Hip Hop for 4 years now. Riley started training under Heather Henderson and is now loving the new director of the Hip Hop Company, the fantastic Caitlyn Camacho.  Riley has had a wonderful experience as a member of the Pamelot a School of Dance family.






Angela Poe

Angela is 17 years old and has been dancing at Pamelot for 7 years. Angela has been a part of Hip Hop Company, now called The Project, for 3 years. She also is training in Contemporary for her second year and has been training in gymnastics for 8 years beginning in the 4th grade. Angela would like to pursue a future in psychology and eventually become a psychotherapist.






Chloe Surryhne

Chloe Surryhne has been dancing for 2 years. She is 13 1/2 years old, and joined the Hip Hop Company in 2017. Besides dancing, Chloe’s favorite activities include Cross Country and playing the game “Sims”. Chloe was honored to received the “most improved” dancer award in June 2018 from her director Caitlyn Camacho.





If you would like to book The Hip Hop Company to perform at your venue or you would like to become a team member of The Hip Hop Company please email Heather Leitz for more information;