Hey there Modern/Improv!

Hello to all the new students in Modern and Improvisation this year! I just wanted to post this video for you as a good example of a what a contemporary modern piece looks like. I think this is a good goal to strive for! Take special note of some of the lifts and weight sharing moments in this dance – we’ll be going over them and many others during the course of our year together! Can’t wait for our first class next week!

Much love, JP

Off the Rails

Choreographed By Kate Jablonski

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  1. Hi Guys, This is the choreographer / studio I was telling you about (Beyond Words Dance) who teamed up with photographer-video guy Brian Lipchick and is a great example of not only choreography/dancing but how the video and photos made a HUGE impact on their reputation, and popularity. Singer Laura Manning saw their choreography of one of her songs (I think Ghosts) and gave them the gig to do her next video “I was A Card”.

    Produced by EMI Records
    Directed by Kate Jablonski & Brian Lipchik
    Choreographed by Kate Jablonski
    Featuring: Tadas Varaneckas & Ellery Tomaszkiewicz
    Ensemble Dancers: Cassie Biggane, Brittany Bolek, Kristen Brusich, Kayla Galvez, Amanda Hejna, Julia May, Karina Sanchez, Kathleen Sullivan, Caitlin Yore
    *Filmed at Foundations Performance Center

    The behind the scenes video is insightful as well.

    I have had a little correspondence with Kate and hope to have her support and interest with our work.

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