Frequently Asked Questions

We teach ages 3 (and potty trained) – adult.

Here is a link to all the different styles of dance that Pamelot offers:

Click here

Yes! If you are interested in attending a class at Pamelot please call us at 530-888-6206 to schedule your free trial class.

For a dancer just starting out we suggest finding a dance class in a genre that best suits your child’s desires and personality. Ballet will require discipline and a gentle spirit while Hip Hop will require a child with a more outgoing personality who is willing to move freely in front of other dancers.

Yes. We produce a Christmas benefit and an end of the year recital. Every December we produce a review with dancing and singing as a benefit in order to provide at least 3 local Auburn families that are in need with a full Christmas. Through volunteer and donations these families are gifted all Christmas presents, grocery and gas gift cards, and much more. We will have our annual recital in June where every class has a chance to perform for their loved ones. For more information please contact Pamelot at 530-888-6206

No. We strongly encourage every dancer to perform in the recital. However, it is not required to participate in the June dance recital in order to take the dance class.

Yes. However, the dance classes are accumulative. We begin teaching technique in September and build class by class in order for the dancer to learn the best technique. If a dancer joins class late in the season they will miss important technique foundation and will risk having to retake that dance level.

Yes. Click here for the dress codes for all classes.

Yes. Private lessons are a great way to accelerate the learning process and assist the dancer in becoming more confident and technically correct in his or her movement. Private lessons are available in two forms:

Ballet is the technique on which all dance styles build upon. Additionally, ballet class taken in conjunction with other forms of dance will assist student in accomplishing dance goals quicker. Ballet training is necessary to successfully accomplish more advanced level movement techniques including multiple turns, and jump sequences. Ballet has proven to enhance all athletic abilities.

Pamelot has three different dance companies:

  1. Rhythm ‘n Motion: Pamelot’s contemporary performing and competing group. (for more information click here)
  2. EnVision: Pamelot’s Ballet company. (for more information click here)
  3. Hip Hop: Pamelot’s Hip Hop company (for more information click here)


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