Ballet Class Description:

A class that teaches Ballet technique and vocabulary. Dancers will learn professional and proper body alignment and flexibility. The dancer will learn the principals of turn out, and balance. The class will include barre and center exercises.

Jazz Class Description:

Jazz is a Ballet based technique class that moves to popular styles of music. Dancers will learn coordination steps, turns, leaps and kicks. The class begins with a center warm up and then move on to ‘corner to corner’ technique. The class will finish with combinations of choreography that encourages self-interpretation and expression.

Tap Class Description:

Dancers will learn basic steps that develop skills in rhythm and syncopation. Tap is performed to almost any style music but originated with Jazz. Dancers will learn basic musical beats and advance to counter rhythms and syncopations.

Modern Class Description:

Modern is a Ballet based technique class that explores a more interpretive and creative style movement. Dancers will learn a ‘fall and recover’ technique all while creating different shapes and forms with their body. Modern is a great class for ages 9 and above, encouraging improvisational movement and freedom of expression.

Musical Theater Class Description:

A Class that can incorporate all styles of dance, acting and singing done to Broadway style music. The dancer will learn how to perform as a character. The class includes acting based technique ‘games’ as well as improvisation skills and some singing.

Basic Barre Class Description:

A class dedicated to teaching basic Ballet Barre techniques.

Lyrical Class Description:

A Ballet and Jazz based class that requires a high level of technique and a huge love of music. The choreography taught in this class is a direct interpretation of the lyrics and or story of the music. As an emotionally charged class, the music consists of many genres including pop, rock and hip hop. Battements, turns, and high soaring leaps are just some of the steps included in this style of dance.

Contemporary Class Description:

A Choreography class that involves Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop & interpretative techniques.


Spontaneously creating movement through a variety of creative explorations.

Dress Code for Hip Hop:  Street Style clothes that can be danced in while worn.  Not over-sized.  Your own style is encouraged!!  Clean street shoes including boots, high tops, or sneakers.

Hip Hop Class Description:

A high energy ‘street’ style dance that teaches different aspects of poppin’ & lockin’, breaking and urban dance. Hip Hop is often a more interpretive style of dance using gestural type movement. After a warm-up, the class will learn choreography as well as engage in ‘hip hop battles’ using improvisation.

Dress code for all combination classes:  Leotard and tights with Ballet shoes for the Ballet, Jazz & Tumbling portion of class.  (Jazz booties also accepted.)  Tap shoes for the tap portion.

B/T/Tu Class Description:

A combination of Ballet, Tap and Tumbling. B/T/Tu is an hour class incorporating twenty minutes of each of these techniques. During Ballet the student will be taught the most basic foundation of techniques including plies, tendus, sautés, and arabesque. During Tap the student will learn basic ‘call and answer’ techniques, as well as toe taps, heel taps, and basic walking tap steps. Summer saults, crab walks, varied log rolls, and hand stands are just a few of the skills taught during Tumbling.

B/T Class Description:

A class teaching a half hour each of basic Ballet and Tap techniques.

B/J Class Description:

A class teaching a half hour each of basic Ballet and Jazz techniques.

J/T Class Description:

A class teaching a half hour each of basic Jazz and Tap techniques.

Apprentice, Premier & Elite Rhythm ‘n Motion:  acceptance by audition only

Pamelot’s competitive performing group.  R’nM first focus is on community outreach, performing for assisted living homes, parades, fairs and other local groups.  In addition training is taken to the next level inviting the dancer to compete regionally.

Hip Hop Company:  acceptance by audition only

This will be Pamelot’s 3rd year as the home of this exciting Hip Hop Company.  The company will focus on Hip Hop techniques.  The company will be involved in community outreach performances as well as local competitions.

Ballet Company:  acceptance by audition only

Pamelot is presenting this wonderful opportunity to be a part of our Ballet Company.  In it’s third year the Ballet Company will be focusing mainly on education, training and performing.  The Ballet Company will also be involved in community outreach performances.

For more details please contact Pamelot a School of Dance:  530-888-6206