Pamelot’s Holiday Season

What has Pamelot been up to this holiday season?  Take a look…  These are pictures of R’nM and Jr M.T. performing at Country Christmas and R’nM performing with Colla Voce.  Plus there’s more to come with Pamelot’s Christmas performance “The Gift” a benefit to help local families in need.  December 19, at 7 pm at Skyridge Elementary School.  Donations welcome.  Contact Pamelot for more details!  530-888-6206.

Jr. Ballet!

All right all you Jr. Ballet dancers…here it is!  Your bonus combination!  I hope you practice and learn it.  I will be excited to see your hard work in Ballet class!

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If you have any questions write them in the comment box.  I will be checking daily!  Have fun!

Hey there Modern/Improv!

Hello to all the new students in Modern and Improvisation this year! I just wanted to post this video for you as a good example of a what a contemporary modern piece looks like. I think this is a good goal to strive for! Take special note of some of the lifts and weight sharing moments in this dance – we’ll be going over them and many others during the course of our year together! Can’t wait for our first class next week!

Much love, JP

Off the Rails

Choreographed By Kate Jablonski

The Entertainer – dance film


Pamelot’s This Is Home show performance. Senoir Rytthm N Motion class choreographed by Debbi Sampson. Video shot by Matthew Peak and Gary Bennet, edited by Matthew Peak of DANCERS: Lara Albrecht, Lindsey Beale, Sarah Cardelli, Heather Hausler, Olivia Hill, … Continue reading