Requirements & Regulations

Requirements for Payments and Dress Regulations 2016-2017

Tuition & Registration:  Each student will pay a registration fee once for each season.  Tuition is due one month in advance. Tuition is a flat rate regardless of number of weeks in a month.  We do not bill. Payment is due by the 10th of each month. A $10 late charge will be added to your account after the 10th of the month.  There will be no reduction in fees for missed classes. Make-up classes are available within two months of the original missed class. You must be currently enrolled to take a make-up class.  Single class drop in rate is $15 per class.

 Returned Checks: There will be a $25 service fee for all returned checks.

Studio Closure Dates 2016-2017:  Please visit the Pamelot website Event Calendar:  If Auburn district schools are closed due to weather conditions, Pamelot will also be closed. (KAHI will announce school closures.)

Dress Requirements:  You must wear the required dress attire for all classes or you will not be able to participate. You must wear the proper color leotard for your level of Ballet class.  Please visit the Pamelot website Dress Codes and Class Requirements for dress code information and how to acquire necessary items.

Dance Class Etiquette: No parents/guardians or visitors are allowed in the dance room at any time unless invited by the teacher. As a parent/guardian or visitor, I will responsibly handle disagreements or concerns with the Pamelot Office, and NOT directly with a teacher.

Social Media Student Release:  As a parent/guardian I agree to allow submission of my child’s photograph, film or name on the website or in news print.

Class Withdraw Policy:  Should you choose to withdraw from your class/classes it must be done by the 1st of the month. A completed signed withdraw form is required.  Otherwise you agree to pay a full month’s tuition.

Student Health Release:  I am in good health and capable of participating in all Studio activities and classes.